Perhaps one cause of the lack of interest in Maths lessons at school is that students often don’t see the applications of the skills they are developing. This blog is designed to share with any interested parties (students, parents, teachers, collegues, friends) one example of where mathematical training can take you. While I often find people are very interested in what I do for a living, it is still not an option many students know exists. In reality, I think the only people who actually really know the ins and outs of my job are my direct collegues, everyone else sees it as a big black mathematical box, which I hope to unravel.

Following my undergraduate training in Mathematics and a PhD in Bioinformatics at Cardiff University, I now work as Research Fellow in the Complex Disease Epigenomics Group at the Univeristy of Exeter. This blog isn’t designed to discuss the specifics of my research but more to demonstrate how numerical skills are important to a range of disciplines.