Who am I?

I am a mathematician.

It’s not my job title, nor do I work in a Mathematics department but that is what I am.

If you wanted me to be more specific, I would say I am a statistician. And I work in a biological field, so maybe biostatistician would be more accurate. But I use computer programming to do my maths so that makes me a bioinformatician, and hey presto we’ve reached my actual job title. Underneath it all though I am a mathematician, that is my fundamental skill set, but I have always seen it as that a toolkit designed to be applied to a range of fields – in fact anything you fancy (energy output, retail, population demographics, economic trends, sports performance, elections,…). I chose genetics and now work in the School of Medicine amongst predominantly biologists.

Through this blog, I will discuss what it is like to continue doing maths beyond the classroom and hopefully encourage a few future mathematicians to stick with it.

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